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Sensual Delights – what is it?

Autumn is an ideal time to enjoy our blessed senses, whether you unleash your wildest Halloween costume ideas or enhance your yoga classes with pumpkin-scented candles. Autumn is a beautiful time to experience how bright the sun shines and a time of nature that shows us how much we have let go of ourselves and then let go. 

Life can be hard, but eating and sex can help us reconnect with our bodies, enjoy the sensations and get full joy. In that sense, there are a few ways to enjoy food or sex in a way that takes full advantage of the hard-wired – joy they can bring to our lives. 

I’m introverted because I never know what’s going to happen, so I often have to suck a meal, forget about more than two glasses of wine and run out the door. But when you get to the point where you have to stimulate your senses and get what precedes or follows a delicious meal – that’s what life is all about. Sometimes it is better to plunge into sex than not having sex at all, but a lazy day in the summer can help you enjoy yourself and bring the sensations to life. If you would like to learn more about how your work could increase your sensual pleasure, please contact me. 

Food is a pleasure, and you enjoy watching, smelling, anticipating – and finally tasting it. Stomach reduction is also a function of taste, so the sight of beautiful and tempting food can make saliva flow. But no matter how you combine it when food and sex come together, sensual pleasure can throw it right out of the park. 

Chocolate and oysters may be better-known foods for their aphrodisiac properties – but you can enjoy snacks and food that wrap each other around your limbs. You can even include sex as part of the play, even if you’re not screaming for ice. Do things you don’t want to eat and force your friends to watch you shiver and do things like that. 

For years I have been analyzing music for what I believe evokes different human emotions. At the most obvious level, there are the wildlife we share and the animals of the world around us. 

Describing its effect is something that anti-marijuana people think is bad and toxic, but I’m not. 

A woman, for example, says: “A well-born woman could not stay in a relationship with a man who cannot be trusted and who lies to his wife about his adulterous affairs. A man who deserves praise can easily get an erection, but he is not quickly rid of it; his limb is stiff as if he has lost his sperm, and he can easily get erections. Among the men who deserve contempt, some men lie, who cannot be trusted, or who hide from their wives what they have done, whether they refer directly to themselves or not. 

Sex can be enjoyed without food, but why not have it all at once and remember it, even in late summer, when nature itself is overflowing with its riches. Dinner can be downright boring when products travel the globe, are forgotten on the table, or come out of the freezer without getting on the table. 

As for the ability to smell, a study conducted in France found that marijuana improves the sense of smell. Regardless of what kind of music you enjoy, marijuana seems to affect its enjoyment most of all. As discussed on many websites that deal with how marijuana affects the senses, it seems that its use affects at least all of those senses. 

This happens when the brain processes cannabinoids, but we know only a few of the dozens in marijuana. There can be many other effects of taking marijuana, not to mention the mood and environment at the time. 

Go apple picking in your orchard or heat up your kitchen by roasting a large number of colorful autumn vegetables. You can go to one of the many farmer’s markets and try something new or go on a journey and A new restaurant or a new meal when the weather is warm. Be on hand to bake a heart – warm a pumpkin soup or bake the apple crisp that Mum used to make. Spread on a baking sheet and fry at 250 degrees for about an hour until dry. 

Let yourself be pampered in the study area, listen to the leaves that waft past, and gently touch you in brilliant mosaic colors. 

Since I last wrote about our trip, I will describe some experiences that just wouldn’t happen at home. I will give you a little insight into the pampering possible in Aruba, but the rest will be a bit of a blur because we have been through this experience for over a month. 

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